My name is JessiDee and I’m a GoldMaker in World of Warcraft. I currently have over 28 million gold on hand (liquid gold), and over 35 million gold worth of stock on the AH.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with my followers on Twitter and helping others with advice about goldmaking and answering questions about my methods, so, I decided to take that to the next level and start this blog.

This will be a very casual blog. I have no plans for a regular posting schedule at this point, I will just post when I have something to share and feel motivated to write about it.

Topics for my blog posts may include goldmaking basics, detailed overviews of my setups and methods, TSM guides and tips, recommended markets, updates on my own goldmaking, general advice and news related to goldmaking and more.

I hope you like what I do here. Happy GoldMaking! 🙂