EU Goldmaking Challenge – Week 3

It has now been 3 weeks since I created my first ever EU WoW account and started this Goldmaking Challenge. If you have missed any of my previous challenge updates you can catch up here and if you want to be notified when new updates are posted you should follow me on Twitter. Now let’s jump into this week’s progress.

  • Total Sales This Week: 209,298g
  • Last Week’s Liquid Gold: 101,067g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 71,156g
  • Profit: -29,911g
  • Last Week’s AH Value: 51,079g
  • Current AH Value: 633,468g


What Did I Do This Week?

As you can see from the numbers, I really focused on expanding my inventory this week, perhaps a little too much. I had really hoped to get enough sales to buy a WoW Token this week, which I probably could have if I has not bee so aggressive with my crafting and my efforts to reset the market on some of the Honorable Combatant’s gear.

I you read my last post, you know I’ve also been grinding a ton of PVP for Marks of Honor to buy those damn Rank 2 & 3 recipes. Not having fun there. I have however, earned enough to buy Rank 2 & 3 for all of the Leatherworking Recipes and 2 for Tailoring, so at least that is progress. I have also done some leveling of Blacksmithing but it is quite expensive right now on this realm, so I plan to hold off on further expanding my inventory for this week with the aim of buying that WoW Token.





  • Honorable Combatant’s Gear: The bulk of my sales this week, as expected. Mostly crafted but includes some flips from resetting some under-priced pieces.
  • Ghost Iron Ore: I did a little more Ghost Iron farming while waiting for BG queues until I got really sick of it. In total I sold about 1500 ore for about 31k this week.
  • Misc Mat Flipping: I’ve also continued to flip a small amount of other materials like Volatiles, Primals, Fel Iron Bar, Pyrite Ore, Copper Bar and Adamantite Ore.


Plan For This Week (and The Future of This Challenge)

The future of this challenge is in question, not because I doubt my ability to complete it ( I know I can) but because I am simply not having fun and if I am not having fun, what is the point. So here’s the plan. I have 1 week of gametime left on this account. If in this next week, while playing a bit less, I can buy a Token for another month’s gametime, as long as I don’t continue to feel as bored and frustrated with the game, I will continue with the challenge. At least until we see what 8.1 brings when it goes live. If however, I continue to feel like it is not fun and interesting for me, I will call it quits.

If in fact, I reach this point where it is still not fun and I decide to give up on the challenge, I may also take an indefinite break from the game and social media all together. I will give this week a reasonable chance to change my mind but like I said earlier, if it’s not fun, what is the point.


So that’s it for this week, there will be at least 1 more post on this challenge next week and the fate of the challenge will be decided then. Until then, Happy Goldmaking 🙂

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