EU Goldmaking Challenge – Week 2

2 Weeks ago today, I created my first ever EU WoW account and started this Goldmaking Challenge. If you have missed any of my previous challenge updates you can catch up here and if you want to be notified when new updates are posted you should follow me on Twitter. Now let’s jump into this week’s progress.


  • Total Sales This Week: 106,510g
  • Last Week’s Liquid Gold: 11,003g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 101,067g
  • Profit: 90,064g
  • Last Week’s AH Value: 54,388g
  • Current AH Value: 51,079g

What Did I Do This Week?

As planned, I focused on reaching level 81 so I could start farming Ghost Iron in Valley of the Four Winds. The Ghost Iron sold as fast as I could be bothered farming it and soon I had almost reached my goal of 100k starting capital. At this point I decided that I’d had enough of leveling, so I made a Demon Hunter. Leveling through Legion wasn’t too bad and I picked up an extra 7k-ish from quest rewards and vendoring junk. Once I reached level 110 it was time to bite the bullet and buy BFA. As of writing this, my Demon Hunter is level 111 and ready to start farming Random BG’s for Marks of Honor so I can get some BFA crafting setup and I will use my free boost later today so between that toon and the Demon Hunter I will have Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and 1 other profession I’ve yet to decide on.




  • Ghost Iron Ore/Bar: My biggest sellers this week, as expected. Mostly farmed but I also picked some small cheap stacks to flip as well.
  • Saronite/Titanium: Sold most of my remaining stock and I’m keeping an eye out for good prices for smelting and transmuting.
  • Trillium Ore: I was able to mine a small amount while farming Ghost Iron but I am also keeping an eye on the price of Spirit of Harmony for shuffling with the Spirit Vendor.
  • Misc Mat Flipping: I’ve also been able to flip a small amount of other materials like Volatiles, Primals, Fel Iron Bar, Pyrite Ore, Copper Bar and Adamantite Ore.


Plan For This Week

My main goal for this week is to get Leatherwoking fully setup for BFA crafting followed by Blacksmithing and Tailoring. This means farming Random BG’s for Marks of Honor to purchase the rank 2’s and 3’s. I don’t really enjoy PVP but I’ve done ok on my Demon Hunter on my main account so hopefully that wont take too long. I will also do a little more Ghost Iron farming just to be sure I have enough gold to fund the BFA crafting setup. Lastly, if sales go well this week I hope to buy my 1st WoW token so the next month’s gametime is covered so I can get a little more into flipping moving forward.


So that’s it for this week. I hope you are finding this series interesting and remember to follow me on Twitter to get notified when new updates go live. Until next time, Happy Goldmaking 🙂

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