EU Goldmaking Challenge – Week 1

I am now 1 week into my Goldmaking Challenge on my new EU account so let’s take a look at my progress so far.

  • Last Week’s Level: 1
  • Current Level: 68
  • Last Week’s Liquid Gold: 0g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 11,003g
  • Last Week’s AH Value: 0g
  • Current AH Value: 54,388g

What I did This Week

My focus this week was on leveling as much as possible while making enough gold to buy some bags, flying and to cover AH listing fees – mission accomplished! I have a set of Silkweave Satchels for my bags, more than enough gold to cover basic costs and I can now fly on my basic vendor flying mount. This week has also reminded me just how much I hate leveling, like really hate it, it’s exhausting. I’ve been mostly spam queuing for dungeons while either questing or mining and I am happy with how far I have gotten but I’ll be so glad when I am done with leveling all together.



  • Xmog: I’ve been listing any BoEs I get for less than market value hoping for quick sales and I managed to get a few sales for a little extra gold.
  • Primals: I bought cheap motes, turned them into primals and sold for a decent profit.
  • Titanium Ore: Since I reached level 66 yesterday I started doing a little farming for Titanium Ore and Saronite Ore in Sholazar Basin while queuing for dungeons.
  • Ghost Iron: I scored a stack of 121 for 4g95s ea and flipped them for 23g65s ea 🙂
  • Copper Ore: Mostly mined while questing.
  • Copper Bar: Once I saw the profit margin for the bars, I bought some cheap ore to smelt and sold for a tidy profit.
  • Various other mats collected while questing sold early on for whatever little gold I could get early on.


Goals for this Week

My goal for this week is to get to at least level 81 so I can do some Ghost Iron Ore farming. Selling the Ghost Iron should hopefully get me enough gold to start looking at some crafting and flipping and really kick of my goldmaking as I continue to level more slowly.


That’s it for this week, until next time, Happy Goldmaking 🙂

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