I made an EU account – Let the goldmaking challenge begin!

As I teased in a tweet a couple days ago, I have finally made an EU WoW account and have begun a “from scratch” style goldmaking challenge. I have wanted to do this for some time and since I have become a little bored with my regular goldmaking routine lately, I decided now would be a good time.

I am also bringing back this blog (if that wasn’t obvious) for a weekly update series on the challenge each reset day. They will be very short and simple updates as i have have not really enjoyed writing in the past but I want share my progress with this challenge with anyone who is interested in following along.


The Challenge(s)

I have set myself 3 goals for this challenge

1. Make the account self-sustaining within 30 days

I have not had to pay for WoW or anything on the Battle.net store with real money for over 2 years, so, my 1st goal is to be able to buy a WoW Token within the 1st 30 days and to continue the rest of the challenge while paying for all game time with gold.

2. Hit 1 Million liquid gold

The 1st big milestone for any goldmaker is that 1st million.

3. Gold-Cap!

The final goal is of course, gold-cap. During this stage of the challenge I hope to begin doing monthly giveaways on twitter for which both US and EU would be eligible (which was the whole point of making an EU account) and this will provide the additional challenge of potential monthly setbacks.


The Rules

The rules are very simple. As this is my first, brand new EU account, I’ve started with no gold, no heirlooms, no pet collection, no nothing. The only other rules are:

I will not take any assistance or charity from any other players


Current Progress

I am about a day and a half into the challenge as of now. I messed up my very first sale by selling a stack of 41 copper ore for about 5g (facepalm) and I am currently at Lvl 32 and have 607g.

My current game-plan is to focus on leveling until I can fly in Pandaria, at which point I probably will do some farming of Ghost Iron and/or other fast selling, good value mats to build up some starting capital.


So that’s it for now. If you want to follow me on this journey, I will be posting on Twitter whenever a new update goes live and when EU inclusive giveaways begin they will also be announced on Twitter so follow me there. Until next time, wish me luck and Happy Goldmaking 🙂

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