Why you should watch gold farming videos, even if you hate farming.

Like many AH Goblins, I hate farming but I still watch videos from WTB Gold and Studen Albatroz because I enjoy their content and personalities. It occurred to me though, there’s another reason why AH Goblins like myself should watch Gold Farming videos/guides.

In their farming guides, they will often point out that since they have just put out this guide telling everyone to go farm this particular item, prices will probably drop at first but if you wait for a couple of months, people will lose interest in the farm and the item’s price should go back up. This provides us goblins with a potential investment opportunity.

Our Motto: Buy Low, Sell High

Every goblin worth their gold knows that the key philosophy of AH Flipping is to buy cheap items and relist them at or above market value. When a new gold farming guide is released, gold farmers rush to farm the item(s) as quickly and as much as they can. This almost always results in a drop in the item’s value due to the increased supply. If you’re a savvy goldmaker, you can use these farming guides as tips for what items to watch and possibly invest in.

What to expect

This is by no means a “guaranteed to work” strategy, you have to look at the item’s pricing history and consider whether the drop in price is likely to be temporary or permanent and also have a good idea of how frequently it might sell. You should also consider any investments to be long term. There is no real way to know how long a farm may remain popular or how long it might take for prices to increase once the farmers get bored with the farm. Take your time, do your research.

What markets can I apply this to?

The markets that I feel are the safest to apply this strategy to are: Battle Pets, Toys, Quest starting items (e.g. Battered Hilt) and some of the less available crafting materials like Primals, Volatiles, Khorium etc. A particularly good market to watch is Holiday exclusive items. “How to make gold farming [insert current holiday]” videos are very popular and the items that can only be farmed during holidays usually drop in price quite a lot during the holiday and can typically be sold for a very nice profit from as little as a few weeks later, and then for the rest of the year.

The only real market I would not recommend applying this strategy to is transmog. Transmog is a very slow selling market and with every player and their pets farming a new spot, that increased supply could last a very long time. Of course, if you do your research, you may find the occasional piece worth taking a chance on.



So, the next time you see a new gold farming video from one of the many popular gold farmers on YouTube, consider taking a look, even if you hate farming (like me). Always remember to do your market research and expect any investments you make to be long term.

I hope you have found this interesting and possibly helpful. Until next time, Happy Goldmaking 🙂

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