My Week in WoW: week ending 15 July 2018

Welcome back to another edition of My Week in WoW: the weekly series where I take a look back at my goldmaking efforts from the previous week across multiple realms. Starting this week I have decided to focus my notes more on my main realm as it currently has the most AH activity and to only give very basic notes, if any, on my other realms. The reason for this is I believe that there is more for any aspiring goldmakers to learn from my main realm sales while the others are mostly just flipping battle pets.


Main Realm

WoWScrnShot_071618_100113 m.jpg

  • Sales: 3,967,735g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 28,260,992g
  • This Week’s Balance: 27,451,180g
  • Profit: -809,812g

So last week I said that my goal for this week was to spend less and let my balance build up some more…. but I couldn’t help myself 🙂 In fact I went on quite the spending spree! Before I go over what I bought, let’s take a look at what I sold.

Top Crafted Items

  • Vial of the Sands x7 at an average price of 95k
  • Depleted-Kyparium Rocket x2 at 111k each
  • Panther Mounts x5 from 34k each
  • Mechano-Hog 39k
  • Various old world crafted xmog at over 30k each including 3 pieces of Haunted steel gear for around 40k each

Top Flipped/Shuffled Items

  • Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion x4 for about 37k avg, paid about 32k avg. Fairly small margin here so I will probably raise my min sell price and hold out for bigger profits.
  • 110 BoE’s: Hulking Demolisher Legplates – paid 50k sold for 90k and Greaves of the Felblade Defenders – paid 25k sold for 72k
  • Eternal Fire/Frozen Orb: I’ve been buying Frozen Orbs from the vendor in old Dalaran for 60g (with my goblin), selling some for 75g+ and shuffling most into Eternal Fire and selling for over 100g ea. You can do this with the other Eternal mats too but they often sell a lot cheaper.
  • Ghost Iron, Trillium and Living Steel: Lately I have bought a ton of cheap Spirit of Harmony which I then trade at the vendor in Vale of Eternal Blossoms for Ghost Iron and Trillium Ore. I then smelt around half of the ore into bars and sell both as well as transmuting Living Steel, most of which I keep for crafting but also sell some when the price is good
  • Battle Pets: quite a few decent pet sales this week including Jadefire Spirit for 104k and Moon Moon for 55k


I really spent a lot this week and on a lot of different items so I will just list a few of the standouts

  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind x14 for 89k avg (1.24 million total). After selling a bunch of these last week, I decided to take a chance on some more. I haven’t sold any yet but hopefully I will soon.
  • Spirit of Harmony x2684 at 169g each (454k total). I have quite a lot of these in stock now so I might try selling some of my excess for around 220g+ as well as shuffling into the other mats.
  • Several BoE’s including the 2 I sold this week.
  • Battle Pets x??? – a lot, probably a couple million gold spent on pets this week to spread across my alt realm including a couple TCG pets.


Considering how much I invested this week, a loss of 809k isn’t too bad but next week I intend to spend less and make more profit….. I really mean it this time.


Alt Realm 1

WoWScrnShot_071618_100234 1.jpg

  • Sales: 1,456,387g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 2,137,153g
  • This Week’s Balance: 2,811,073g
  • Profit: 673,920g

Top Sales

  • Medallion of the Legion x13 for avg 15k ea (paid 12.5k ea or less)
  • BoE’s: Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies for sold 143k – paid 100k, Corrupted Mantle of the Felseekers sold for 113k – paid 100k (petty small margin)
  • Battered Hilt x2 for 56k ea – paid about 20k ea
  • Battle Pets: quite a few including Nightmare Whelpling for 115k, Sea Calf for 94k and Fossorial Bile Larva for 94k

Most of the other flips this week had fairly narrow margins so I’ll be taking another look at my pricing setup this week

Purchases on this realm were mostly battle pets and 2 other raid BoE’s


Alt Realm 2

WoWScrnShot_071618_100340 2.jpg

  • Sales: 531,842g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 515,150g
  • This Week’s Balance: 268,892g
  • Profit: -246,258g

A couple flips this week with fairly narrow margins but mostly battle pet sales.

Purchased quite a few pets this week but the biggest purchase was a Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger for 255k


Alt Realm 3

WoWScrnShot_071618_100451 3.jpg

  • Sales: 133,901g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 508,273g
  • This Week’s Balance: 468,357g
  • Profit:  -39,916g

Top sale this week was a Drudge Ghoul for 47k. Bought a few toys and pets as well as 4x Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion (not 34 like TSM said, clearly a bug).


Alt Realm 4

WoWScrnShot_071618_100701 4.jpg

  • Sales: 346,833g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 690,439g
  • This Week’s Balance: 749,453g
  • Profit:  59,014g

Flipped a BoE this week: Hulking Demolisher Legplates – Paid 100k, Sold for 180k. Also sold a couple Medallions and a Pocket Fel Spreader as well as a nice assortment of battle pets.


Alt Realm 5

WoWScrnShot_071618_100830 5.jpg

  • Sales: 123,507g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 175,418g
  • This Week’s Balance: 247,192g
  • Profit: 71,774g

Apart from flipping some Darkmoon Daggermaw for 1300g profit, the rest was just battle pets. I did buy my first BoE on this realm though, hopefully I can sell it nest week.


Alt Realm 6

WoWScrnShot_071618_100930 6.jpg

  • Sales: 290,632g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 375,567g
  • This Week’s Balance: 490,800g
  • Profit: 115,233g

Flipped a Cuffs of the Viridian Flameweavers (BoE) – paid 92k, sold for 136k. Also sold a Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for about 5k profit with the rest of the sales being battle pets. I made a few purchases on this realm including 2x Steelbound Harness for 30k ea and a Big Red Raygun for 24k.




  • Sales: 6,850,837g
  • Last Week’s Balance: 32,662,992g
  • This Week’s Balance: 32,486,947g
  • Profit: -176,045g

I’m not gonna lie, an overall loss of 176k is a little disappointing but that’s what I get for going on a spending spree. I do have a lot of new inventory now though so hopefully I can make a decent profit over this next week.

The BFA pre-patch goes live this week too so I will be taking some time to check out the new content and I might also look at setting up my TSM groups with the BFA crafted items ready for the expansion launch.

That’s it for this week, so until next time, Happy Goldmaking 🙂

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