My Week in WoW: week ending 1 July 2018

I’m Back!

When I set up this blog back in January I did intend for it to be very casual. I did not however intend for it to be over 6 months between my 1st and 2nd post…. sorry ’bout that 🙂

I’m back though and I thought I might try a weekly post about my goldmaking results from the previous week across multiple servers to give you all an idea of what I am selling and I will also try to sprinkle in a few notes/tips when I think of them.

I hope to make this a weekly thing but we’ll just have to see how it goes (no promises) and hopefully you find this interesting.


Brief Intro

Until recently I have focused all of my goldmaking efforts on my Main Realm with a little bit of flipping on one Alt Realm. Now I have 6 Alt Realms that I have been selling mostly battle pets on to build some capital in the hope of expanding into some bigger flips once BFA has launched.


Main Realm


  • Total Sales: 4,038,782g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 25,274,911g

Some top crafted items this week were Vial of the Sands, Jeweled Onyx Panther, Sulfuron Hammer and Depleted-Kyparium Rocket.

Flipping highlights include Medallion of the Legion, Reins of Poseidus, Foreman Vest, Sylvanas’ Music box and a few 101 and 110 BoE’s

A solid week of sales for my main realm. I have been investing in a ton of items that should sell well after BFA launches so my balance has been taking a bit of a dip lately but it’s should start picking up again soon.


Alt Realm 1

Alt 1

  • Total Sales: 1,674,415g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 2,473,975g

I set up on this realm a while back but would only check in on it a couple times a week. Recently though, I have been posting and cancelling every day (as with all my new realms) and I have expanded from just selling battle pets to also flipping some mounts, toys and a couple BoE’s


Alt Realm 2

Alt 2

  • Total Sales: 363,532g (not including WoW Token)
  • Current Liquid Gold: 412,422g

This is a very high pop realm that often has some very cheap pets so I usually spend my gold as fast as I make it. Early in the week I bought a WoW Token for some extra gold to buy some cheap pets but moving forward I am trying to save up some decent capital for flipping other items.


Alt Realm 3

Alt 3

  • Total Sales: 215,519g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 217,587g

This realm used to be my main realm until a AH Camper moved in and made my larger selling operations unbearable, so I moved. I only made a pet flipping toon on this realm a little over a week ago just to see if I can get enough sales to hopefully start flipping some larger items. It’s not getting a ton of sales but I should be able to slowly build up some capital.


Alt Realm 4

Alt 4.jpg

  • Total Sales: 460,363g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 409,253g

One of my newest realms that is showing real promise. Good quantity of pet sales, managed to flip a couple mounts for a little profit as well as a bunch of Medallion of the Legion. I spent a bit of gold on some good pet deals so my balance could be higher than it is but I expect I will do quite well on this realm.


Alt Realm 5

Alt 5

  • Total Sales: 29,337g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 30,921g

This realm might be a dud when it comes to pet flipping. Maybe there’s no real market for pets or maybe too much competition, not sure yet but if it doesn’t pick up in the next couple of weeks I might abandon this one. They can’t all be winners.


Alt Realm 6

Alt 6

  • Total Sales: 186,947g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 167,500g

Last but not least, this realm has been a little slow going but does have potential. I spent a little of my profits on a couple cheap pets but I haven’t really made enough yet to start buying anything else to flip.




  • Total Sales: 6,968,895g
  • Current Liquid Gold: 28,986,569g

Pretty happy with my results this week! Moving forward I will be able to track my profit across each realm and in total so it will be interesting to see if my balance grows or if I just end up re-investing it all.

I hope you have found this interesting. My hope is that by sharing what I am selling it may help you to see what markets might be worth looking into and by sharing how much gold I make I might inspire others to start goldmaking or expand on their existing operations. I will do my best to keep making this a weekly thing (or at least a regular thing), we will see how it goes but for now, thanks for reading and Happy Goldmaking!

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  1. Almost 5k trillium in 7 days? Damn. What realm is the “dud” one. I wanna snoop around and see if I can find any good markets for ya. 🙂

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