How I Made My Gold in Legion

Since I began posting about my goldmaking on Twitter, the question I’ve been asked the most is about how I make my gold. So I thought, for my 1st ever blog post, I would give a brief overview of what I craft, what I flip and anything else I do to make gold.

Disclaimer: The following crafts/methods are what work for me on my realm and may not be profitable for all players on all realms. Check prices on your realm and use your own judgement before investing.



  • Demonsteel gear: ~6 or more of each piece on hand at a time.
  • Relics: You wouldn’t think that i805 relics would sell, but they do and the profit margin can be real nice. I try to keep 2 on the AH most of the time.
  • Old World Crafted Transmog: I only craft the most profitable of old armor and weapons as they can be slow to sell but can have insanely high profit margins.


  • Dreadleather and Gravenscale gear: ~6 or more of each piece on hand at a time.
  • Toys: Legion added 4 toys crafted with Leatherworking. I’ve been selling the [Leather Pet Bed]  but I’ve not yet got the other 3 recipes (which I just realized 😛 ) so I need to work on that.
  • Old World Crafted Transmog: As with Blacksmithing, I only craft the most profitable of old armor as they can be slow to sell but can have insanely high profit margins.


  • Imbued Silkweave gear (includes cloaks): ~6 or more of each piece on hand at a time.
  • Hexweave Bags: Still the most in-demand bags in the game. I get my Sumptuous Fur from trading Garrison Resources and craft when I can for a tidy bit of profit.
  • Old World Crafted Transmog: As with Blacksmithing and Leatherworking, I only craft the most profitable of old armor as they can be slow to sell but can have insanely high profit margins.Hexweave Bags


  • Enchantments: During raid tiers I have crafted all Legion Enchants but lately I have focused just on the Bindings of Haste, Mastery, Critical Strike and Versatility due to their relatively low cost and very high demand.
  • Tomes of Illusion: 2 of these require rep to get the recipe and are especially profitable, the rest can be learned from the profession trainer and are still quite profitable. I keep at least 5 of each on hand at all times.
  • Disenchanting Bracers AKA “The Legion Shuffle”:  for creating Leylight Shards (and the occasional Chaos Crystal) plus, disenchanting Legion gear also produces the occasional Blood of Sargaras. For this reason I have had Enchanting paired with Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring for most of Legion.
  • Old World Enchants: Some older enchants can be popular with Twinks and players leveling new toons. I haven’t crafted these older enchants for some time but with the changes to leveling and the anticipated release of Allied Races, these enchants could (possibly) see a spike in demand.


  • Vial of the Sands: A recent addition to my recipe list, this is probably the best-selling crafted mount in the game. The grind to farm this recipe can be brutal due to the double layer of RNG but it is definitely worth it. I like to keep 3-5 on hand when possible.
  • Transmutes: Alchemy has several old transmutes needed for high value crafts. Crafting these on a Transmute Spec Alchemist can be very profitable. Examples include: Living Steel, Pandaria Gems, Primal Might, Arcanite Bars and Truegold.
  • Sorcerous Earth: Transmute Sorcerous Air, Fire and Water into Sorcerous Earth which can then be sold on the AH for a profit and also keep up your supply for  crafting Hexweave Bags.
  • Current Content: Alchemy is one of the few professions that I have not focused on leveling this expansion due to how competitive it tends to be.Mounts


  • Panther Mounts: One of my favorite markets. I typically keep up to 5 of each on hand most the time.
  • Gems: During raid tiers the regular cut gems (currently those prospected from Empyrium) sell very well but between the raid hype I tend to only sell the occasional Saber’s Eye
  • Obliterating Gems: Since the value of gems began to drop I started obliterating the Red and Green uncut gems. These both average about 64 ash and have been, in my experience, the most reliable and profitable means of crafting Obliterum.


  • Mounts: The Mechano-Hog (Mekgineer’s Chopper for the Alliance) and The Depleted Kyparium Rocket are the main two I keep in stock (up to 5 of each at a time). The Sky-Golem is also profitable and sells well but the 30 day daily-craft limitation and the large amount of Living Steel required makes it a much lower priority for me as the Jewelcrafting Panthers are a more profitable use of Living Steel in my experience.


  • Glyphs: I have sold some glyphs in the past but the combination of low-demand and high-competiton makes them not worthwhile in my opinion
  • Tome of the Tranquil Mind: I sell about 1000 of these every week. On many realms, the profit margin may be very small but on my realm I have been able to maintain a profit of around 30g or more per Tome. Mill felwort to get the Sallow Pigment to craft these.Tomes


  • Smelting: I do not enjoy farming, at all, so the only reason I have mining is for smelting. I’ll will smelt any bars needed for crafting if it is cheaper than buying them on the AH but some of the ones I focus on in particular are: Trillium, Ghost Iron, Dark Iron and Titansteel.


  • Vial of the Sands mats: Like I said above, I don’t like farming BUT some crafts are worth the trouble. The herbs needed for crafting flasks that are needed for crafting the Vial of the Sands fall into that category.


  • Skinning Legion mobs: If you enjoy farming, skinning Legion mobs can yeild some Blood of Sargaras as well as tons of leather and scales. I did this earlier in the expansion but dont anymore
  • Arctic Fur: Like with the herbs for the Vial of the Sands, some mats are worth farming when needed. Arctic Fur is needed for the Mechano-Hog recipe and so I will farm it when needed


While I have stopped crafting food lately, during the first few weeks of each raid tier I have sold a ton of the highest stat food and feasts. When I did sell them I would keep as much on hand as I could and sell food in stacks of 20 and feasts in stack of 1 and 5.


  • 101 “Twink” BoE’s: Have sold very well throughout Legion but demand is beginning to drop so now I’m mostly just selling my existing stock and only buying REALLY cheap ones.
  • Raid BoE’s: I only started flipping these with the release of Antorus so any BoE items i930 or higher. These have been a really big boost to my sales avg but they are a very expensive investment so not a realistic option if you don’t already have a lot of gold.
  • Battle Pets: I buy pets under 50% DBRegionMarketAvg and sell for at least 70% DBRegionMarketAvg (they often sell for around 100% or higher) and I do sometimes flip them on multiple realms.
  • Other High-Value Items: I also keep an eye out for good deals on many other items including Battered Hilt, Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion, Medallion of the Legion, Mounts acquired from Holiday Events and more. My best ever flip was a Wooly White Rhino that I bought for 850k gold and sold for over 1.7mil.BoE's

Order Halls

I do my order hall missions on all of my toons most days but I make sure that I always do them on my main 3 that have completed the Argus campaign. The gold missions are very lucrative and I also get a lot of my Blood of Sargaras from order hall missions. In addition to the mission table, 2 of my alts (Demon Hunter and Paladin) have the ability to auto-complete a world quest once per day which I use on missions that either provide multiple Blood of Sargaras or a large amount of Order Hall Resources, whichever is more beneficial at the time.mission


Yes, I still use my garrisons! I don’t do everything that we did in WOD though. I only do the following 3 things.

  • Resource Missions/Trading for Sumptous Fur: Most of my followers have the Extreme Scavenger Trait which significantly boosts the resources rewarded from missions which, if you have a Trading Post, can be traded for Sumptuous Fur which I then use for crafting Hexweave Bags. Doing these missions only takes me about 20 seconds per character per day and greatly reduces (or even eliminates) the need to buy or farm fur.
  • Tailoring Building: For converting Sumptuous Fur into Hexweave Cloth. I have these on my 2 alts that have Tailoring as a profession.
  • Alchemy Building: For converting Frostweed into Alchemical Catalysts which I use for Transmuting the cheaper “Sorcerous” materials into Sorcerous Earth, for crafting Hexweave Bags and selling any excess supply on the AH for a nice profit.

These 3 things take me less than 2 minute per toon per day.trader

So that is pretty much everything I do on a regular basis to make gold. Of course there are other ways to make gold that I don’t use (any more) such as transmog farming, running old raids for Battle Pets and raw gold, completing World Quests and more but I choose to focus on the things I have listed as they are, in my opinion/experience, the most time-efficient methods for making gold.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe even learned something new. Until next time, Happy GoldMaking 🙂

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  1. Many many welcomes to a capable and clever gold maker.

    Thanks for a good foundation to solid gold making in Legion.

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  2. Wooh! So excited to follow you new blog! 😀

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  3. Awesome work Jessi, congrats on launching your new blog!

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  4. Hi, may I know what’s the reasoning on keeping 6 sets of armour for each profession? Do you hold it or do you auction those sets? Or you made an excess of 6 and sold the rest?


    • I list them all at the same time. The reason behind crafting up to 6 at a time (6 is just a good number for me for the rate at which I sell them) is that when you craft them they have random affixes/stats which can be more beneficial for certain classes. Keeping a good mix of the different variations tends to lead to a high rate of sale and higher profit for the ones that are in higher demand.


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